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In general, the directors of each of our games, are happy to find you a partner, if you need one, for their game.


The following list contains each director’s name and telephone number. Please give the appropriate director a call for the particular game in which you cannot find your own partner. Ideally, allow 24 hours in advance for the director to call around for you.


If you are unable to reach your director, please give Cheryl Schneider a call on her cellphone: 




MONDAY   AM     Cheryl Schneider              614-804-4815

MONDAY   PM     John Beach                        614-451-2884

TUESDAY   AM     Joyce Penn                       614-578-1111

TUESDAY   PM     Mike Hill                            614-437-9871

WEDNESDAY   AM     Mike Hill                      614-437-9871

WEDNESDAY     PM    Cheryl Schneider       614-804-4815

THURSDAY   AM    Cheryl Schneider            614-804-4815

FRIDAY  AM   Joanne Westinghouse             614-846-9798

FRIDAY  PM     Mike Hill                                 614-437-9871

SATURDAY  AFT    Mike Hill                           614-437-9871

                    or           John Beach                   614-451-2884

SUNDAY   PM & EVE   John Beach   Come without a partner