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Explore bridge on the world-wide web! Here are some links that have been suggested to us. If you find a bridge link that's been helpful, let us know!

Central Ohio Bridge Association
Check tournament results and schedules in Central Ohio

District 11 Bridge
Check on district 11 tournament results, Midwest Monitor, board minutes and more

American Contract Bridge League
Home page for the ACBL

Bridge Blog
ACBL blog for the younger generation

Bridge Video
ACBL video promoting the game to younger players. Got grandchildren? Mail them the video by clicking HERE!

Bridge ethics
ACBL Code of Active Ethics

How to Fill out a convention card
Here's the official word!

MiniBridge Self Helps
MiniBridge is bridge without the bidding. Itís a great game to introduce youth to bridge and also fun for your students to practice their play

Conventions explained-Prairienet
Conventions explained-bridgeguys
Build your knowledge of conventions

Hand generator
A perfect tool to practice bidding with your partner

New and Used Bridge Books
Carl Ritner, in cooperation with the ACBL and various authors, offers new, used or out-of-print books on bridge at fantastic discount prices.

Bridge Clues
Online bidding and playing lessons and practice.

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