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Game Results
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Need a Partner?

call the Club at 459-9744
Need directions to our club? Click here!


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Undated 7/10/20 at 12:10 pm

Congratulations: Melissa Warheit and Tim Kington have both made Life Master

NOTE::We WILL have limited  games on Saturdays 3 pm. Thanks for your support.

Virtual Game schedule:   Monday       12:15 Open    

                                        Tuesday      12:15 Limited (<1000 MP)                                      

                                        Wednesday 12:15 Open

                                        Thursday     12:15 Limited (<1000MP)                                                                 

                                        Friday          12:15 Open    

                                        Saturday      12:15 Limited (<1000MP)


If you can’t register, call Cheryl at 614-804-4815

Please consult this page often. Thank you for your participation.



You can also see the game results in the History section of BBO.


The games are $5 each, 18Bds, 7 min/Bd. Please be punctual. Your partner needs to be there to register.

The games will open 2h before the game time which is 12:15 PM EST.


Do not be on the phone or on any other communication with your partner. We have algorithms that will catch that and penalties are severe.

Do NOT logon to BBO as invisible. You will not be able to play!


Where on BBO

You can find the tournaments and register by going to Featured area and click on Virtual clubs. Then, click on ACBL virtual clubs

Once there, they choose ACBL Virtual Clubs and scan the list for your games.  Search

for  VACB 223891 COLUMBUS BRIDGE club’s games in this list. This list will soon be very long.




For the record, when I refer to we in this note includes not only myself but Suman and Joe who are also working to understand the system.  We have watched a video of a game being run and had a Zoom meeting with Rick Beye.  We are trying very hard to keep our bridge community connected and help the bridge club at the same time.  This is a horrible time in our lives and we are trying to make the most of it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call my cell phone at  614-804-4815. I hope you are able to participate and I hope above all you remain safe and healthy.





If this will be your first visit you may want to play a practice round with friends or robots or both.  Wander around the website and explore.  It can be fun since most of us are bored to tears.


Once you are comfortable click on account and then at the top of that box slide to the right and find convention card. Try filling one out or use one that is available.


For results : click on the “virtual game results” link just above the “Game Results”


*** If you have received an e-mail blast from us and have not played at CBC in the last year but would like to play we will need your BBO name so you can be added to our list and be accepted into our games