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Need a Partner?

call the Club at 459-9744
Need directions to our club? Click here!


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Hi everyone,


I hope you are all healthy and staying safe. We sure hope someday in the future we can all be together sharing our favorite pastime, bridge.


Unfortunately it may be a while and the clubs that are part of the ACBL will definitely suffer. Especially those of us that pay thousands in expenses per month regardless of attendance.


The ACBL in conjunction with Bridge Base Online has created a way to help the clubs survive. They are running several games a day that charge $5 to play.  $4 of the entry will go to the clubs. If you are inclined to help here is the process.


First join BBO.  The membership is free.


To play in these games you must purchase Bridge Bucks which is very easily done with a credit card.


You will find these games listed under ACBL world when you say you want to play.. The games are called "support your club" and are available for registration two hours before they begin. At present they are holding them at 10, 5, and 7:30 with more to be added. There is a limit at the moment pf 300 entries hence the early registration.  You will need to know your partners BB name which will not necessarily be their name. The club will be given credit based on where you usually play. So far that is the only possible choice. That may change at a later date.


I am cheryl1966 so look for me. If you want I will play or even help find you a partner. Anything you are inclined to do will be appreciated. 


This message will come from Frank since he has the e-mails on his computer. 


I will be happy to answer any questions or help you get started if you need me.  In the meantime stay healthy.






Congratulations to our newest Life Master: Ed Kraus



Evening Games:


Thank you for supporting our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening pair games. Monday begins at 6:30 pm, but the other evenings start at 7:00 pm.

Because our games are small in the evenings, we need you to PLEASE call the director to let him know that you plan on coming, 1.5 to 2.0 hours in advance of the game.

This way we can plan for as many tables as possible. If you neglect to call the director, he may feel that there are not enough pairs for that evening.

Because Saturday is also a small game, please let Mike Hill know by 11:30 am that you plan on coming. The directors telephones are as follows:


JOHN  BEACH:   614-451-2884

MIKE  HILL: 614-437-9871

JOE  WERNET:         614-935-8911


Forcing bids

Classes from Aug 16th by Cheryl  

Call her for more details          


                                         DEFENSIVE  POWERHOUSE


   The Rule of Eleven is a tricky gimmick for helping YOU, as defender place cards in the opening suit led by your partner. Yes, this will enable you to count this suit first, in your quest to place the distribution and high cards of each suit, around the table. Here is a wonderful start on the first suit led.


   We all know that tops of sequences or fourth best of a leader’s longest and strongest suit, especially versus Notrump, are common leads, and good leads. Remember, however, that top of a sequence takes precedence over fourth-best leads. When 4th best, however, is the lead, the Rule tells you how many cards there are in the remaining three hands that are higher than the card led….a very accurate process!


   For example:



        K1097                   AJ64 


   When West leads the 7 and dummy plays the 2, East needs to pause  and do the arithmetic for the Rule of Eleven. Subtract the 7 from the number 11. There are four cards in the remaining three hands (excluding the opening leader’s hand) that are 

h-i-g-h-e-r than the 7.  East sees the dummy’s 9 and Queen and the Ace and Jack in his own hand (exactly 4 cards higher than the 7 led).  Zowie!  Declarer has NO cards higher than the 7.


   Simply play the 4, watch the 7 win the trick and your partner will lead the suit again for you. Thus, hearts are distributed 4(W) – 3(N) – 4(E) – 2(S) around the table and you and partner will win the first four heart tricks!

   Try to add this to your defensive arsenal, taking the time to think about partner’s opening lead and execute an excellent start to the defense.

Do not knee-jerk the play of “3rd hand high,” and play the Ace. You will deeply regret      it when you watch declarer win his Q later in the hand.


The new venue for our Sectional Tournaments promises a golf course view while you diligently pursue more silver points. As you know, becoming a Life Master involves accumulating Gold, Red and Silver points. Gold and Red points are generally won at regional tournaments, while black points are awarded at bridge clubs. The most elusive color to procure, is silver points which are won only at sectional tournaments and STaCs.  A third type of tournament


The exception to club black points is the silver points awarded at STaCs,  (Sectional Tournament at Clubs),  Likewise, twice per year, the ACBL sponsors an IMP (Instant Matchpoint Game), at the club. Held simultanously across North America, clubs will award one gold point to section  tops, in each section. The remaining awards are half-red/half-black points,

    Another type of tournament called the North American Bridge Championships (NABC) is held each Spring, Summer and Fall, awarding Platinum, Gold and Black points. We hope for your support at the 2020 NABC, which will be held at the Columbus Convention Center, March 19, 2020 to March 29.



Player Complaints Re: Remote Scoring Etiquette:

Loud voices reading contracts & scores! If you are seated East-West and you

approve the contract and score on the remote scorer, please refrain from reading

anything on the screen. Approve, then silently place the remote in the center of

the table, on top of the boards, for everyone to see. Verbally stating any information is rude, unnecessary and easily heard by the surrounding tables!