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Upcoming Events:

• District 11 Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC):

June 24 – June 30, 2019

• COBA Sectional

 July 12 – July 14, 2019


  Fri evening June 7 and Saturday afternoon June 8, Worldwide Pairs Games


• 2020 NABC, Columbus OH: March 19-29 2020


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2020  Columbus  NABC

March 19 - March 29  

   Previously, the City of Columbus hasn’t had the opportunity to sponsor one of the ACBL’ s three North American Bridge Championships (NABC),  which are held annually. Columbus was considered too small, with too few attractions and minimal hotel rooms by the ACBL Board of Directors. They bypassed Ohio, except for Cincinnati, scheduling these noteworthy tournaments in other parts of North American. 

   Players from all over the world participate in the multitude of regional and national bridge events at the NABCs. At last, the uniqueness of Columbus’s many attractions: historic sites, museums, parks and botanical gardens, German Village, COSI, Ohio Stadium, North Market Farmer’s Market, shopping and breweries, came to the ACBL’s attention. Our great city will host the 2020 Spring NABC and we will be ready to welcome and show our hospitality. Your support of the promotional games in May will be appreciated & you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the many areas that comprise running the tournament. An hour or two of your time will help make this a fantastic bridge event and celebration.

    A big thank you to those of you who are buying the logo T-shirts and sweatshirts. Wear them proudly to advertise our upcoming event. Celebrate our accomplishments, volunteering your time and talents!


March, 2019    HIGHEST POINT         WINNERS!

ALL Players:

 1.  Gary Shade

 2.  Jim Bachelder

 3.  George St Pierre

 4.  Ken Roach

 5.  Sam Hinkle

 6.  Tom Bishel

 7.  Charlie Kopp

 8.  John Stubbe

 9.  Jim Bishel

10. Diane Halloran


Non-Life Master Players


 1. Diane Halloran

 2. Karen Clemency

 3. Kathy Fellows

 4. Ron Rybak

 5. Beverley Wynne

 6. Joan Buffington

 7. Carol Pinnegar

 8. Jim Jasperse

 9. Bob Furlong

10. Phil  Gath