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Upcoming Events:


• Friday, March

29-March 31,

2019: COBA


Tournament @

the York

Country Club


• Saturday, April

6 COBA Annual

Unit Game(s) &

Awards Dinner


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call the Club at 459-9744
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Open Players Dec:

1. Jim Bachelder

2. Gary Shade

3. Sam Hinkle

4. Judy Zimmerman

5. Charlie Kopp

6. Doug Millsap

7. George St Pierre

8. Tom Bishel

9. Larry Jones

10. Dick Angelou

Open Players 2018 Year:

1 Gary Shade

2. Jim Bachelder

3. Sam Hinkle

4. George St Pierre

5. Larry Jones


NLM Players Dec:

1. Karen Clemency

2. Diane Halloran

3. Jan Hall

4. Ron Rybak

5. Skip Yassenhoff

6. Kathy Fellows

7. Debbie Marhefka

8. Dominic Nickoloff

9. Tony Ahern

10. Anita Bolz

NLM Players 2018 Year:

1. Joe Wernet

2. Karen Clemency

3. Ron Rybak

4. Diane Halloran

5. Dennis Fisher
























ACBL players competing in the above race each year, compete for the most

pigmented master points, won in all tournaments, in each membership category.

Be sure to join us at this year’s Unit Awards Game(s) and dinner on Saturday,

April 6, 2019. Awards are presented there and everyone is welcome &

encouraged to come. Beginning at 1:30 pm, an afternoon Unit Game precedes

the dinner. Our Unit 122 leaders are honored afterwards for tournament

points earned from 1/1/18 to 12/31/18. Those who wish may stay for an

evening Unit Game following the awards. A summary of this year’s Mini-

McKenney awards is as follows:


50-100 Barbara Hill ranks first in our Unit, winning 24.31 points.

100-200 Karen Clemency is 1st with 186.95 pts. 2nd and 3rd are Ron Rybak and Cindy Windsor.

200-300 Phil Gath 1st (140.57 pts), Bob Davis, 2nd, & Dennis Fisher 3rd.

300-500 Tom Bishel 1st (767.05 pts) & John Bishel, 2nd (608.02), Joe Wernet, 3rd, Jo Anne Paynter, 4th, and Trish Jones, 5th.

500-1000 Dan Loveland, 1st (233.31 pts), followed by Jim Bishel, 2nd, Frank Paynter, 3rd, & Andrew Moulton (4th).

1000-1500 Jane Witherspoon, 1st (172.18 pts), Eileen Erwin, second,

Bob Jiobu, 3rd, Sherry McArdle, 4th & Kim Music, 5th place.

1500-2500 Alex Khrakovsky 1st (659.35 pts) ! Mae Hill,2ND, Marty Seltzer, 3rd, and Howard Sanders, 4th.

2500-3500 Sam Hinkle 1ST, Judy Zimmerman , 2ND, Judy Auer, 3rd,Dean Ishida, 4th, & Bruce Brian, 5th.

3500 - 5000 Suman Agarwal, 1st(681.74) ! Doug Millsap, 2nd, Gary Shade, 3rd, Toni

Bales, 4th, and Jay Albright, 5th.

5000 - 7500 Larry Jones, 1st, (579.31) ! Charlie Kopp 2nd, Siraj Haji, 3rd, Phyllis Allmacher, 4th,

7500-10,000 Cheryl Schneider, 1st

Over 10,000 Jim Bachelder, 1st, (620.52) !, George St Pierre, 2nd, Anita Torrence, 3rd, Doug Simson. 4th


Player Complaints Re: Remote Scoring Etiquette:

Loud voices reading contracts & scores! If you are seated East-West and you

approve the contract and score on the remote scorer, please refrain from reading

anything on the screen. Approve, then silently place the remote in the center of

the table, on top of the boards, for everyone to see. Verbally stating any information is rude, unnecessary and easily heard by the surrounding tables!