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Central Ohio Bridge Association


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Annual Worldwide Pairs Game

Here’s your opportunity to compete against other bridge pairs from all over the world: Friday, June 3 rd evening and Saturday, June 4 th afternoon. The games are scored using the London ECatsBridge system. This year, the commentary booklet is given to participants electronically, via the ECats website: You can see volumes of information on clubs & participants as results are uploaded from all around the world. The scores change hour to hour, the participants discuss the hands and the competition is one you’ll enjoy.

The games will be stratified, that is, you’ll play against everyone, but are ranked in your own strata. The ACBL and sponsoring organizations sanction fee will be reduced $1.00/person this year, because of not supplying booklets, thus creating a $10 entry fee. Awards are 81.8% of sectional rating with ½ red and ½ black points.

You may play in both Friday and Saturday sessions, OR just one of the games. The scores are not cumulative; each stands alone. Top scorers are recognized on the ECats website and in the ACBL Bulletin. Be sure to come and enjoy at least one of these exciting games!

Upcoming Partnership: ACBL - Alzheimer’s Association

Watch for posted information re: the upcoming partnership between the ACBL and the Alzheimer’s Association, on Monday June 20, 2016, at the Columbus Bridge Center. Symbolizing the difficult journey of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers, our club hopes to encourage you to donate and participate in extra charity games on the longest day of the year. Help us honor the more than 35 million people worldwide who are living with Alzheimer’s and countless caregivers who face this disease. By playing bridge, you’ll participate in research to help slow the onset of this illness.


1. The common phrase, “Eight Ever-Nine Never,” refers only to the missing Queen of trump. Therefore, if you are declaring a hand with 8 trumps between you and the dummy, it is probably correct to finesse for the Queen (“ever”). If you are declaring a hand with 9 trumps between you and the dummy, it is probably correct to NOT finesse for the Queen (“never”). That is, with no extraneous information from the bidding, play the Ace of trump, followed by the King of trump, hoping that the Queen falls. 2. An opening lead of a singleton is seldom correct – especially if your partner has never bid. Why? He’s not getting in to give you the ruff you want so badly!