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Upcoming Events:

HOLIDAY DINNER PARTY: Saturday,  December 20


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Central Ohio Bridge Association


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HOLIDAY DINNER PARTY ......Saturday,  December 20


HOLIDAY DAYTIME PARTY………Monday, December 8


    Join us for a couple fun events next month as our holiday celebration.  The annual dinner party and bridge game on December 20, 2014 will begin at 6:00 pm. Dinner will be provided and a signup will be posted on the mirrors by the coffeepot. You must signup beforehand, to be included.


   The Franklin County Children’s Services will accept our children’s gifts (must be UNwrapped) again, and/or cash or check donations. They were very appreciative of the many presents and cash donations that we gave them in 2013. Watch for toy sales at your area stores and load up on gifts, for area children who love your generosity and kindness. Norma Nickoloff organizes and delivers your gifts.


   Add a dish of your choice on Monday, Dec. 8 to share with your bridge friends.  The potluck lunch will begin at 10:45 am, followed by bridge at 11:30 am. Cheryl will sanction both parties as Unit Championships, awarding black points at 85% sectional rating.  We are happy to sponsor these enjoyable events and wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.



Simple but Important Tips:

By Joyce Penn


1. Be a GOOD partner. You are fighting an uphill battle if you lecture and criticize your partner. A good partnership “clicks” and the results can be amazing.

2.  Talking a lot distracts you and your partner, gives away your emotions to the opponents, and is counterproductive.

3.  A no-brainer: hold your cards up well, cutting off any view of the cards by opponents. If you don’t think opponents look, when shown, you’re kidding yourself!




There is another competition in our District, the GNT’s (Grand National Teams). There are no club qualifications in our District, therefore, players in all flights, may select their team and participate in the District finals held for two days next January 24-25, 2015. This contest will take place at the Miami Valley Bridge Center. There are a total of four sessions, during this 2-day competition. The top two teams in this District Final receive a cash award for competing in next Summer’s Chicago GNT Finals. Both of these events are lots of fun, so put your pair qualifications to use and move onwards and up. As long as you are a dues-paying ACBL member, you may form your own teams, in your masterpoint category and participate in the GNT final. Pair qualifiers awarded red and black points during the summer. Both sets of finals award gold points.



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