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Central Ohio Bridge Association


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North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifying Events


Each summer, the ACBL sponsors club games to help you qualify for the  National Pairs Championship that is held at each spring NABC.  Club qualifiers, held during the months of June, July and August, will award ½ red and ½ black points at sectional rating.  The upper 50% of the field in each game wins the opportunity to compete in the District 11 final this fall, which is usually held in Cincinnati.  If you are a district winner part of your expenses to participate in the Reno NV finals at the March 10 – 20, 2016, NABC will be subsidized by District 11. 


Don’t forget that Unit 122 pays your $1.00 sanction fee for the first session of each scheduled NAP qualifier, held by our club.  Here is another way our Unit helps you.  Targeted at encouraging you to compete in a nationally sponsored event, these games support the ACBL, award extra masterpoints, as well as, allow you to participate in good competitive fun.  Be sure to thank the COBA


July STaC Tournament


Set aside July 6 through July 12 for the Summer STaC Tournament at the Columbus Bridge Center.  Players will compete district-wide in the week’s all-SILVER point awards.  You will have the opportunity to win many points, with club awards distributed for every game, as well as, overall scores across all participating clubs. Hands will be duplicated. Identical hands will be played throughout the participating clubs. Join the fun with lots of hospitality. Another COBA-subsidized event, for your enjoyment!

World wide pair games on 6/6/15 at 1PM

S AK10987                 

H x

D Qxx



You have the above hand.

Partner opens 1heart and you bid 1 spade.  If he now bids 2 hearts and you respond 3 spades,

he can pass. 3 spades is merely invitational, showing 10-12 points.

You must bid 4 spades now, not 3 spades. In general, jumps by responder in the same suit are invitational (10-12) and jumps by opening bidder in the same suit are also invitational (16-18).


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Eddie Kantar’s Suggestions for Being Kind to Your Partner:

Treat your partner like your best friend;

Tolerate your partner’s errors;

Play conventions that you BOTH wish to play;

Offer words of encouragement; and

Treat your partner the same whether you win or lose!

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  GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS WINNERS                                    


Bridge Center players competed in Dayton for District Champions in each flight, January 23-24, 2015. During this coming summer’s Chicago NABC, a team will represent our District to complete nationwide, in each flight.  Congratulations to this year’s Flight A Championship Team:

         Larry Jones                Gary Shade

         Doug Millsap             Brian Snell

Additionally, The Flight B team of Karen Angelou, Joe Barnard, Mae and Mike Hill placed 4th in the District GNT competition.


STaC Winners:


Congratulations to several Bridge Center players who ranked highly in the recent District 11 STaC. They include the following:





SIRAJ HAJI                  BRIAN SNELL






     It’s posted on the large red sign which you’ve seen on the wall, for years. Following the ACBL’s guidelines for acceptable behavior at the bridge table, annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks or any other conduct which might interfere with your enjoyment of bridge, is forbidden at the Bridge Center, as well as prohibited by Law 74A. If someone is rude or annoying, PLEASE call the director immediately. He/she has the authority to assess disciplinary penalties and this is enforced at the Bridge Center. Law 91A grants the director the right to protect you and help create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your friends. Help us help you have a good time at the bridge table.





   Be “at the table!” If your opponents are good players, they’ll be focusing on the present hand. Being chatty and superficial during a hand will not improve your game. But using pauses in the bidding or play to think about what your next bid or play is likely to be, will bring enormous rewards.

A responder that bids 1H or 1S at their first opportunity at the TWO level guarantees a 5-card or longer suit. For example, your partner opens 1S and you respond 2H. This guarantees a minimum of 5 cards in the H suit. If your partner, as opening bidder, has opened 1S with: S=KQJ75  H=543 D=AQJ  C=54,

you responded 2H, your partner cannot bid 2NT, can he? The club suit is a problem, but he can confidently bid 3H, because he knows that you promised a 5-card or longer H suit. Quite different, however, is this auction:

1D   --        1S

2C  --         2H (only promising 4H)

Now opener knows that responder must have 5S and either 4 or more H. If he had 4 of each major, he would have responded his suits up the line!


Simple but Important Tips:

By Joyce Penn


1. Be a GOOD partner. You are fighting an uphill battle if you lecture and criticize your partner. A good partnership “clicks” and the results can be amazing.

2.  Talking a lot distracts you and your partner, gives away your emotions to the opponents, and is counterproductive.

3.  A no-brainer: hold your cards up well, cutting off any view of the cards by opponents. If you don’t think opponents look, when shown, you’re kidding yourself!


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